December 19, 2012

Take a break and chill and read.

Why do the song ‘rain rain go away’ does exist?
Rain, rain go away
Come again
Another day.
I think almost all kids were taught this song, right parents? Even I am. Well, perhaps we could teach those kids something better than this song.  Teach the kids the du’a during rain, Allahumma soyyiban nafi’a. The rain is a gift from Allah, in different form. It’s not like in every gift from Him, there’s only goodness, no flaws at all? The money that you got has its badness. But do not take the disadvantages as punishment, bad lucks; you name it. It is still a gift in the form of reminder, warning to you to realize about the message from your god. That’s it.
It has been raining like the whole week in here and thank god, no flood yet at the moment. I am enjoying this raining season so much. Aha. Not being alone, of course..... cus I have my current reading list :D
Having two months off school is just like heaven for us and the routine during the months is predictable. Well, Malaysian students are easy to read. No lies. Their routine would be somewhat like this:
·         Waking up late, probably taking breakfast or brunch or maybe lunch (at this level it is counted as 2 in 1)
·         Watching tv, boring programmes – switch off, turn to internet – here , the internet would drag ones into a virtual life, they’ll skip eating, sleeping, working and ignores the real life for hours, critical period is 4 -8 hours.
·         Reading novels and tearing up.
·         Daydreaming
·         Hanging out at malls
·         Sleeping all the time.
I don’t say it is exactly like that, but most probably I hit one or two point right. I have my routine, but not so critical till I have created another life in the virtual connections. Nope. I surf the internet but I have my own limits, not exceeding it yet. Maybe for students that will be sitting the big exams when the schools open, their schedules are packed with tuition, subjects tutoring and etc. But chillax, when they got home, ohh babehh it’s time for me to onlineee.
Do I have something different with my routine? Kinda, I guess. At least, I am still sane not to sleep most all the time. I want my holiday is a productive one, not a waste. *but I still wasting 60% of it* So, I have created this one list – CURRENT READING LIST.
I am a bookworm, so I love books. I can read for hours nonstop... and there’s exceptional for textbooks which I can’t. It’s not books like typical-malay-novels (love, romance, full of conflicts, etc). I do admit that I read that kind of books long time ago but not anymore. I prefer to read inspirational, motivational, English novels – family, sisterhood, friendships, and religion books.
It would be awesome, to curl in your warm blanket during this cold weather and enjoy your reading with hot drinks and snacks. SO NICEEE... but nah, it is no good to eat while lying down.
In my Current Reading List (CRL), I got Aku Terima Nikahnya written by Ustaz Hasrizal and I have to close the book and put it aside, I am sorry T_T This is all because this!

Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed. Got this as a present from my big sister who is currently studying abroad, pray for her that Allah will ease her study ^^ Thank you for this greatest gift, I never thought about having this book so early after it release, never feel that I will be able to have this book with me now. I think Allah has answered my prayer, since I’d prayed that I will be able to read this book one day hehe.
I am still reading the first chapter and me already falling in love with her words. It is written in a simple English language which I think my little juniors can understand what is in the book, the message.  You won’t be losing so much when reading it cus the example of ayah that is being discussed is already included with translations and the explanation of it.
This book is about life (as far as I am reading now), our relationship with our god, love, people, things that we never realized the main purpose of it happening. This book is yet not a best-selling book, it will be one day and I highly recommend you guys to get a copy of this Reclaim Your Heart, even Aiman Azlan recommended the same.
If you guys think that you’re not ready to spare your time reading English sentences, line by line. Don’t worry! I will give you the list of recommend books, best-selling books perhaps. If you do not know where to find and having difficulties to get yourself a copy of these books, I can borrow some of them, schoolmates, my kampung-mates. Try to ask anyone around, who knows they have the books ^^
I would recommend you to read Hilal Asyraf’s books.
-          Matahari
-          Sebelum Aku Bernikah
-          VT
-          Langit Ilahi I
-          Langit Ilahi II
-          Langit Ilahi III
-          Sinergi
-          Takdir

The conclusion is, read all his books. No regrets, no doubt.

And and and, if you guys would prefer for online reading list, I also have maaa. The blog list of mine!
For more santai, lepak style with rules of jiwangness, you guys could join Inche Gabbana in his writing. He’s using simple, fun and cool language and the reading is light.

To feel the experience of a study in Canada, catch up with Aiman Azlan. He got his word perfectly placed, seriously. A light writing tho and for more live version, if you want a face to face session with him, check out his videos on Youtube.  *click for more aha.

He writes books. He does blog. He does the videos. So he is, Hilal Asyraf. I got too many to describe about the website, so I skip. You guys can order his books here, read his posts and also other writers’, It is more about religion stuff and don’t take it hard when you first hear ‘RELIGION STUFF’ ignore the word, go check his website first and you’ll find something great.

I read Hami Asraff’s too. Sometimes, there are bloggers who writes till we the readers can feel the tense, and pressure flowing through from the writer to his writing then flow into our body. But not Hami Asraff la. His writing is light, easy to understand. I don’t feel so tensed when reading his posts so why you guys have a visit to his blog?

Those are most recommended blogs from me lah. If you guys don’t have your own list, you guys can try mine.

Anyways it’s all about how you spend your holiday productively. Make your holiday worth to spend not a dead holiday. Cuti ada 6 minggu and you spend the whole 6 weeks by sleeping and eating and once the holiday has ended, you jadi badak air with diabetes and obesity. Live your life!

Last but not least, all the best to PMR 2012 candidates, I wish that your effort is paid off kiddos! If you didn’t achieve your target, it’s okay lah. It’s not the time yet for you to grab the straight a’s maybe you have to improve and Allah is holding it for you not keeping it away from you, mind that. Look back in three years learning, maybe the effort was not enough for you to grab your dream, how can a bird fly with one wing? It needs a pair of it. The most important is, be thankful no matter what. Once you have the result, do sujud syukur as you guys have passed one torturing level, getting your results after the waiting kan? Do better in the next day, it is never written that you will never shine. Everyone shines, everyone writes their own history and that is why ‘the rest is history’.

Oh yeah, I’ll be away for a few days and maybe I won’t be updating so much, perhaps on twitter.

 Be safe and take care.