December 27, 2012

Forgotten Souls

 A dedication to Gaza.

The rain is forcing me to bed,
It is so nice,
That I hardly get up,
Not even worried about it,
Because it won’t hurt,

They tell me,
The rain is bad as it falls,
That they hardly fall asleep,
Their eyes won’t be blinking,
It rips the folks’ souls

They stand the rain alone,
As the world forgets;
Their giggles and smiles are cries and screams,

Once it is raining,
The flood is blood,
The mud is flesh,
A shameless world stand together just to see;
The death is joy,

The land is chewed and swallowed,
Till the last tiniest piece,
Missiles shut the screams,
It feeds the babies like a mother,
It sings the lullaby for a deep sleep;
For martyrs that never scared.

An arrogant world has forgotten the souls,
Tempting for fame and wealth,
Losing minds and hearts,
People who fears of losing the globe,
Chose to live in guilt.