July 25, 2016

25 days

Peace be upon all :)

I told myself that I wanted to write something after a month being in here, but it's okay - 25 days are long enough for me to be impressed with this country and every single thing that comes with it.

and how much I am missing my home.

Alhamdullilah, we departed from Malaysia on 30th June, suprisingly our flight was in the morning so we were a bit rushing. Everything was smooth, what made me so happy was during my departure, I have my friends coming to the airport and my family was there too. It wasn't that easy to leave your family behind though, I swear it was so hard trying to not to cry when hugging my mum, dad, siblings, nephew and nieces, my friends - I almost cry but phew, I managed to tahan from bursting out.

Waiting forboarding

Missing three of us here, but this is more than enough :)

Upon arrival at Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG), Paris
Outside of the airport

I still can't believe it that I made it, I have my own departure day. When I was 10 years old, it was me who would go to the airport to send off my siblings, like every single year each of them departed to further their studies and 10 years later, it's my turn!

I'm bit occupied with activities and classes in here, will totally try to find time to write about my current city, places I've been and of course about CAVILAM, my current university ;)

Love from Vichy, France.