June 06, 2016

I hate airports

Peace be upon all, guess where am I now? I'm back in town after three weeks spent in the city for some important meetings regarding visa and all.

It feels so so so great to be back, I mean especially when you only have less than one month left to enjoy all things that only your homeland can offer to you. I tell you, I'm still trying to brain everything about departing to France - everything seems to be so fast now! Like a few months ago, I was still struggling for my fourth semester, the interviews, the graduation day and all of sudden, here I am, done with the visa, I am already accepted to a university (currently dealing with the residence) and just waiting for my flight. When you put something in time context, a month, a week, a year - it surely sounds a long time to wait but when you're almost at the end of it, then you'll realize how fast it has passed.

Talking about getting back to home, I usually - well, most of the time, would take the flight. I've only been on bus for once and it was for the Eid, my biggest mistake ever! You should never take a bus or go back by car during festive season because it took more than 16 hours to arrive home! The traffic was super duper slow and there were too many cars on the road and Kelantan would be so packed. During Hari Raya, you'll get to see lah traffic jam in front of my house. Seriously, it would never happen on normal days, plus it is just a small village that no one knows pun. Comment les gents peuvent trouver cette petite ville?

So, airplanes would solve this problem. an 8 hours journey can simply be shortened to one hour and you can just sit back and relax when flying! But, majority would assume that taking flights are so expensive and only affordable by certain group of people. Woah, of course not - it can be way more cheaper than taking the buses. As I could remember I've never had booked a flight more than one more bucks, even lower than that. I am a bit choosy, nationalistic to be exact, I would prefer Malaysia Airlines over other airlines. People think national air carrier usually are the most exclusive and expensive one, no you just need to play tricks. Book your tickets really early, avoid flying on weekends - that's it.

I couldn't deny airport is my favourite place ever! You'll get to see things you usually don't, meeting people you never thought of meeting, talking to strangers, you know - all those kind of stuffs. I really love the atmosphere, the airplanes, the crews, it is just full of peace.

I can't resist window seats!

but, but, buuuuut, I still hate it too for some personal reasons lol, I'll just make list down below on why I hate being at the airport.

1) Trolley
For this particular item, I hate it so much! Especially when I have to take it by myself. I never get it why it is not pulling apart from the row no matter how hard I've been pulling it. I swear, I always embarrass myself in the public just to pull one trolley. I hate you baggage trolley, you guys are so freaking annoying...

2) Getting there alone
I don't mind being in the airport alone but when it comes to the time when you're needing the toilet and prayer time - who's gonna look after the luggages? You literally have to bring all of them everywhere. Kalau tengah solat tu, you just have to tawakal all the way hoping no one wouldn't steal your bags.

3) Flashbacks
Having flashbacks can be so nice at times but for some reasons, especially at the airport, you just can't avoid it. The memories will keep coming even at times when you don't need them the most.

4) Purpose
The purpose of people get to airports will be only two; either arriving or departing, people come or people leave. I really don't like going to airport to send someone off, it would so full of emotions no matter who is it. I fear of losing someone, it's not like they walk awaya or what but I fear of having them to come back lifeless. You can never expect what gonna happen once they hop on the planes, you don't sign for a guarantee over someone's life.

I know I'm overthinking huhuhu can't avoid it :( But anyhow, I really enjoyed my last domestic flight for this (probably last one). Since, I knew that I'll be away from this beloved land for a while, I really really appreciate the flight. Everything. The view, the snacks, the time I had at the airport alone and I didn't even feel like sleeping at all. That one hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, passing above Putrajaya and you can see the big buildings become miniatures at your sight, it was indeed the best feeling ever, that was when I really know I am totally in love with this land of mine. When the plane lowered down, we were flying just above Kelantan - God, this land shall be missed more than any other places I've been to!
Can't caption 'balik kampung' cus I was literally from my kampung (selangor)

View from my window, Kelantan was just down below!
 Oh yeah, before I forgot, Ramadhan Kareem to everyone! Alhamdulillah we're finally here once again, it's my favourite month :D I'm spending this year's ramadhan at home with my family, this means so much because I won't be around to celebrate Eid. It's pretty sad because we'll be leaving just a few days before ramadhan ends. But, as long as I get to perform taraweeh in kelantan, going to bazaar and get all the ramadhan vibes here, these would be just fine and enough.

I wish you guys a blessed ramadhan no matter where you are, how long you are fasting - remember this holy month is the best time to reflect on ourselves and fix our relation with the One :) Set your ramadhan goals, be it to khatam the quran, to recite dzikr more, to perform taraweeh every night, to qiam - what ever your goals are, discipline is what you need to achieve your goals. Those goals will become your routine in no time, inshaAllah!

Once again, have a happy ramadhan ;)