June 22, 2016

Preparing to leave

Howdy people? Half month fasting and hopefully all of us are still doing good ;)

I'm having mixed feelings of course, it is less than 2 weeks left in Malaysia! I tell you, I'm way too amazed with time, of how it moved too fast. As I could remember I still was on the mode of 'two months to take a pill chill' and now, I am the mode of getting all stuff into the lugagges. (it's really annoying when for every single addition item, you can't just help but to worry about exceeding the kilos).

The preparation for now is great, I mean yeah I've got to do the shopping like really a lot - spices, clothes, bags, souvenirs, bla bla bla you know really that the list will go on and on. The shopping part wasn't that bad and I would say it went really well, except for the fact that we haven't received our scholarship money yet - so it's a bit nerve wrecking, so I found a quick solution - borrowed my parent's money first because if I were to wait for the money, possibly I'll be rushing at the very last minute. and it's not a good thing, I know. Since, I am the one who did all the shopping alone, hohoho I got to choose what I want and what I like and I just figured out that I am a really hard, choosy person! I even feel giving up with myself for being so complicated. Choosing lugagges was the hard one, we went to more than 5 stores and still, I couldn't pick one. I kept on telling myself, "just choose one, it wouldn't be so bad to have some pink shades on your stuff or nah, this design would be perfectly fine, it's just you who don't feel that." But I couldn't avoid it :( I would always always and always pick something that is in my favourite colour range, my kinda style, it should be durable, not to bright and I have to feel connected with it when I first saw it (this is the most important one).

Apart from all of these shopping parts, I am currently in the process to accept the fact that Malaysian foods will no longer be available all the time. I know I have taken those foods for granted but, this 2 months break - I am using it well hahaha I have like a long list of what I feel like eating, and yeah I ate a lot. My goal to lose some weight seems to be forgotten (LOL) during this year's ramadhan.

I'm still packing and I still don't have everything that is necessary but there's no more space in the bag.

I'll get back anytime soon! Perhaps the next post would be written from France ;)

p/s: we got our flight details already and you know what, kebaya is such love :3