May 12, 2016

Giving it back

Peace be upon you :)

Today, I was randomly reading articles from the internet and I stumbled upon this one topic about giving and receiving. It made me think on how this two words rhyme together but they actually are two different actions that compliment each other.

But does that mean these actions will both happen to the giver and receiver? - I mean the one who gives will he or she receive from the person that gets his/her gift and vice versa. I don't believe so :)

I think all of us must have received a gift at least once in our lifetime and do you still remember the excitement and how happy you are when you have it your hands? It totally boosts up your mood and eventually you'll mark that day as one of the best day ever in your journal entry and somehow for me, when this thing happens - I would be telling myself that this person should be getting something from me to make it fair for him or her.

If I don't even prepare a return gift to the person, does it mean I am not being fair? Actually, for me in giving and receiving, there is no such thing like being fair. Why? Let's get back to when we first decide that 'Oh! I should be  am getting this fella a gift.' did anyone tell you that it is a must to do it? No, it is a choice. Indeed, our very own choice. So, at this moment we are well aware that we might not be getting back what we give from that particular person, it doesn't ricochet in that manner for some groups of people.

Like me, myself that I barely know (I'm still figuring out, lol does that even make sense?), I hardly give people stuff like present or gift whatever it is that needs me to choose the item by myself for the reason that I am afraid I might be getting wrong gift. But, there are exceptions too. I do get people stuff, I do this 'give and receive' ritual. I personally believe that this kind of attitude of giving was cultured from the years of I've been receiving gifts. For 20 years of living, I've spent 19 years of getting cakes and gifts for whatever achievements I got and for birthdays etc. I still remember vividly the feeling when someone give me something, it really makes my day.

So then I think, I've been experiencing the joy of being the receiver for years, why not this time I share and spread the same feeling to other people, preferably my favourite ones. I am so blessed that I am surrounded with people that never stop to encourage me. Besides my family, I have this one group of friends who would constantly ask me about my studies, my exams, my day - basically everything! As I could remember I have never gone to sit for my exams without getting any good luck wishes from these people. You would say that they are just wishes, nothing more. But to me, wishes are more than that, it is like you know there are people who are counting on you, believe in you so much and you cannot crush them with another failure. So these wishes that I received from my mates, I give them back, some to the ones who gave them first and some to the people that I think they might need it.

There was once, I was wishing my good friend good luck for the upcoming exam (if I'm not mistaken) and my other friend who apparently saw my messages told me:-

"why would you wish that person when you already know he wouldn't even care to send you a good luck text when it comes to your turn having exams and stuff? Don't you think you've wasted your time?"

I did believe in her for a while hahaha well, I did expect the same thing to happen but as what I said earlier, what you give might not return to you in the same circle. The circle may break, the gift flows to another person and it probably won't be you. Same thing will happen to us, we might be getting wishes and gifts from unexpected people. Like when I have this university interview, I was hoping for some people to wish me but I haved other people that I barely talked to, suddenly came out of nowhere and wished me good luck. It made my day too even they are not the people I hoped for.

Gifts can be for remembrance, as gratitude, as forgive me-kit, they can be anything :) so, we don't randomly give things to people. They might be someone who is really significant to us. You give according to how you placed this one person in your life and for other individual, each person is placed differently in their lives. That what makes us tend to appreciate people more, it is based on how we value someone. You might be my favourite person but for you, I might be just a common friend like your any other friends.

Don't be sad when things just don't happen the way you want them to be. Circles may break. Afterall, did you notice that, we are never being forced to give, we voluntarily give. It is one act out of love :) when you love, you don't get to decide who it will be - it just happens.

Have you heard of this one quote?

"What a child doesn't receive he can seldom give later."
 -P.D James

 Afterall, it wouldn't harm you to give once for a while, isn't it? Good night :)