January 13, 2016

Reviewing life (rofl)

Hey there, peace be upon you.

Currently I am supposed to update my CV and motivational letters and those stuffs concerning the university applications but I am so not in the mood of doing it, a lot of changes need to be done and yet I haven't gotten my lecturers to proofread the documents. Anyway, late night thoughts are quite rare for me to have it, so I somehow want to make a post about it.

And whatever it is, *you may guess* it will always be about tomorrow (fast-forward to end of June). This year will be the biggest year; I'm turning 20, the departure (inshaAllah), interviews, travelling etc etc the list will go on and on and on and pretty endless.

A bit scary, yeah I know.

Each of us, we have our own future projects. A very organized, clear and precised plans. When my friends talk about these things, I realized something about them, about us. They're not like usual kids at our age, they're matured, they have plans and they totally know how to get to the end and so freaking professional. I am amazed by them and so grateful to get to know them, I must say that they have a big role in shaping me too lol the way I think now is totally influenced by my classmates and of course, the lecturers too. I never really care to think about world politics before, or even to talk about history randomly during lunch or analysing actions of the leaders - but now, it becomes something normal to be talked about. I would say if you're not up to these topics and fields, you don't really want to hangout with me and my fellow friends. Well, we do not talk politics, economics or history all the times! We do know how to socialize, my classmates play Dota, they spend hours playing videos games and the girls, we watched those ridiculous malay dramas and we do get updated about our favourite artists too. We are absolutely normal. I have a few friends saying that we don't have a life, every day is reading day, doing presentations bla bla bla bla

We read, yes everyday but we are not studying. We are learning.

This new semester is quite free for my class, we don't even have classes at 8 a.m. as all classes start at 10 a.m.or 12 noon and there's only 4 days of classes a week, weekend starts on Friday. We got two days, class finishes at 9 almost 10 p.m. but that's okay for us. Economics and business are fun subjects so we have no problem with night classes. Tiring a bit but our schedule is the most heaven compared to other engineer classes:D

In my class, precisely my group: our lecturers are all male lecturers and I tell you what, some of them are good looking. I mean, at least you'll have eye candy for the very last semester hahahahahaha they're intelligent too and I don't know how to describe them. You have to attend their classes! *This case doesn't apply to everyone*

I have a semester reading - we have to finish a book on mass media by March and submit an analysis of the book. Apparently, the book is really thick and the professor provides us with the PDF copy of it and for person like me; who can't handle reading something on screens - I might be having tough times to digest the content of the book and this will makeme struggle to write the analysis. So, we decided to get a hard copy of the book and start reading it straight away, well at least we can write something on the pages- it helps for better understanding and grasping the ideas.

For this whole semester, we have a lot of research to do which means a lot of readings to be done. Every week we have like two - three documents to read and analyse, prepare questions and spend like an hour listening to friends' presentations, taking notes and everything. The topics are a bit tough now, it is no longer fun topics as we talk more on ethinicity, religion issues, wars, the immigrants and things like that. The worst part is we have to prepare 7 news of the selected regions for a press review, one person will be reviewing each week so none of us can escape actually. So everyweek we have to search for current issues and analyse, comment them and be killed by the questions.

It sounds so hard but I think if you're positive and manage your time well, you'll be more than okay :)

That's all for now, merci beaucoup tout le monde et bonne nuit :*

p/s: I am toatally dead today cus I forgot to bring my assignment  during the discussion today but my lecturer is a nice guy, so I survived!