March 26, 2014

I was asked to give a speech and this is what I wanted to say.

Today, my colleagues of AUEI Group held  surprise party for the birthday peeps and I was the one who joined the conspiracy too as I am not the birthday girl. Mine is in May :)

So, we should be in UNITY for lunch and I was lil bit late getting in there. So when I got in there and didn't notice what was on the whiteboard.
But then, someone asked me to read what was on the whiteboard and so yeah.

'AUEI GROUP, JAMUAN BULANAN & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO - Nik, Hah, A. Duan + Congratulation Nurul - SPM 9A'

and I was jaw-dropped. Didn't expect that it was also a surprise for me. There's only one thing I could say,

I am happy. Totally happy.

and then, they suddenly asked those birthday peeps to give some speech. and I was like kinda relieved as I thought I didn't have to do so but then  I was the one who kick the party started.

They asked me to give a speech and I was so surprised and that wasn't good for me. because when I am surprised and being too happy, I would be at loss of words.

'Thank you. hehehe Thank you.'

I said that. Nothing much but thanking them, not even giving salam -,-

But, if they could and ever find this. This is what I really want to say today, if my tongue wasn't frozen.

Dear Colleagues,
Assalamualaikum wbt. I wanna thank all of you guys for this surprise.  Even though I've been here just for a few months. These things are very nice and thank you so much. It feels great to learn something I'd never known before and being around all of you, it feels like family. I am grateful enough and thank you so much :)

This is what I wanted to say.