November 24, 2012

Look back

Assalamualaikum wbt and hi everyone :)
hoping that all of us in the best condition, in shaa Allah.

So first of all I would like to apologize if this post would hurt anyone especially when it comes to kpop -,-
O yeah forgot to tell, I'd quit being a kpop fan.sesape yang nak beli album album f(x) from Chu till Electric Shock do tweet me @saaaalsabila

when I went online on twitter the first thing I saw on my timeline is all about #MalaysiaSaySorryToVixxaAndNuest and I went heh? pasal pulak sampai trending #1 lagi. whats going on with Malaysian? and all the trending topics are nonsense except for the last one.

when I tried to recall did I ever once to be so protective over kpop - as I remembered, alhamdulillah tak sefanatik ni tak sehebat ni, takde la join tweet duk menghentam orang. maybe cakap2 dengan kawan sekat sekolah depan locker. thats all.

now lets look back time Penghinaan Karikatur Rasulullah, war in Palestine. I must say that Malaysians are being very very active in helping Palestinians, Alhamdulillah. keep it up ;) saham kita tu.

But. for the caricature, I didnt see any topics related to it were trending on Malaysia Tlist. I joined a few discussions about this but still my timeline was full with tweets about kpop from my friends, bukan orang jauh pun memang kenal. Aku tak nampak diorang punya semangat.

Malaysians had been affected. seriously hari kebesaran Islam adalah konsert konsert diadakan. sigh konsert Big Bang vs Ceramah ustaz Azhar Idrus = sama naik. nasib baik, duduk kelantan ni there's no cinema or even concerts are hardly to be heard. Alhamdulillah kamu dijamu benda2 yang berfaedah. bermanfaat, dapat ilmu buat saham akhirat.

"Dia lebih sayangkan KPop berbanding umat Islam di Palestin. Semasa isu Gaza, dia kata: Yg korg sibuk2 pasal Palestin ni buat apa?" - Fedtri Yahya's twitter.
thats right. why couldnt you ignore about kpop just for a while and share about Palestine? You guys are being so protective about someone who is not even related to you.Palestinians are OUR brothers, sisters, mothers, dads. Yes we dont have such blood relations. but we are brothers in Islam. Now ask yourself - do you have any relations with those people? in context of blood? brothers in religion? unless they are muslims! It's not that wrong for you guys to defend, protect them but the priority goes to the ones who is closer to us, related to us. worth to be defended by us. think about it sisters and brothers. why we always could think about simple thing? Otak kemana?

think about it and change. being over fanatic for a human being will fade your amazement of your own creator.