January 16, 2014

infinity and....?

I was in the office and it was 10 a.m. I realized that it is 15 of January already. A month had passed, Alhamdulillah.

So back then on 15th December 2013, I started working at this one company. Well, just accidentally got the job. So much alhamdulillah, I couldn't even express my feelings when I got the job. Happy, scared, shocked etc etc all mixed up haha

I am not going to rant about work and stuff because the whole one month, I had have learnt so much, beyond what I expected. Not only in context of work field but to be honest I learnt how to deal with tough situations with thousand types of attitudes and everyday, I got a lesson to remembered and to learn.

In the office, I learned how those senior staffs communicate with clients and directors. They are professional but sometimes we just slipped away from the track and things are ruined. But,seeing in some situations in working field, there is a few things shouldn't happen as we are in a muslim community.

Based on my observation. I travel a lot, I observe and I learn.
and I can summarize it in one formula(?)

well, mostly in maths we learn that infinity, even when divided by smaller number all that we will get is infinity. But when smaller number is divided by infinity, we will get zero.

Infinity here represents as Allah swt.
Smaller numbers are the dunya, the problems, the loves, the hatred, the wealth and all.

we muslims claim that Allah is our priority but most of the times, I see people dropping it by the roadside. They are slowly picking up smaller things of the dunya and put it above Allah. We might be thinking that we get to solve all our problems and we can stay cool for the next hours and days. But, that what we think. Does it really end like what we think?

It is not.

Eh, why?

Because you had just placed Allah below everything that should never be placed there. In everything, we should remember that Allah is our number one, first and foremost priority not other stuff. When we place Allah at the right place, inshaAllah, all those things that keep on burdening us will be solved.

Buzz Lightyear always says this, 'To the infinity and beyond!'

What if, 'For the Infinity(Allah swt) and beyond!

For the sake of Allah, and everything beyond what we expected will turn to us :)

Credits to: Umar Mita