September 12, 2013

Just ordinary

This is where I could find just to spill. nah, not spilling actually, ranting to be specifically correct. aha :)

Currently feeling like not letting go someone, well somewhat like you'd tie someone near you all the time and when the time had came, you just have to let them go.

This is happening. now. to me.

Even though you knew about the leaving earlier before they left. It's just still hard to accept the fact. It hurts inside.
This thing is not very rare thing to happen to me as everyone experiences this kind of feeling right? Look, I am an ordinary person. I got the share to feel this.

but, it is just so hard. I'd been questioning myself, what had been taking me up to this level since I don't really cry at farewells. Why?

another, WHY?
and WHY?
and WHY?

Allah's teaching another lessons of life. Lesson for me to know myself more, for me to realize why it is granted to me to feel like this. This is the lesson to bring me closer to Him.
well, to love someone is just a part of learning to love yourself.

Take a deep breath and smile. Allah loves you <3 p="">

credits to: Umar Mita