October 06, 2015

Dragged down

Today we sat for Political Science and International Relations paper. It was so tough, tougher than what we expected.

And I didn't expect that I will be so freaking affected by it, right after the exam l, all that I could think of was about all those holy craps that I wrote down in the papers. Told Alanna about this and she was feeling the same thing.

It makes me think why am I doing this whole thing like whoa girl, you probably will be doing degree in Arabic now. I don't know what had gotten into me back then to accept this so called foundation in political science and business management.

It is very stressful especially for this particular semester 3. IR will determine whether you'll be good in politics or not blah blah blah the heck. These french ugh they're shaping all of us to have that European-oriented minds which for me, it contradicts to my ideas and opinions. They controlled us - our social accounts are being monitored. You publish anything that doesn't make sense to them, get ready to be called and be it a history.

Am I trading my life?