May 25, 2014


I had been wondering for the whole week. Why I am being so frustrated lately. Almost on everything. I did anything wrong or I was not satisfied or and or and or and or. It is just and endless questioning.

So, I think I can't be in frustration all the time, it might make me stressed! and no way I am going to let myself become so tensed. You have no idea how stressing it is cus whenever I got frustrated, I become so hopeless, weak, I don't know how to fight back those frustrations!

It is hard.

Verily, in every hardship comes easiness.

I noticed one thing in this frustration problem. After I tried to bring myself up again, I feel this you know this kind of 'I am strong', I can bear this even it is hard. I feel stronger and I can see things in good way like why this isn't for me etc

It feels like you are having direct tarbiyah from Allah :) cus He is the only one who holds every heart. He knows how to fix those broken hearts.