January 24, 2013

Tragedy Abang Burger

Haritu sebab stress yang melampau sebab tak boleh keluar asrama, kitorang join warden hantar budak sakit dekat hospital. It was a long journey, sorta because we actually stuck with road block, touring around Kota Bharu because the clinic was already closed and the only hope was the hospital and Alhamdulillah they were still accepting patients. My junior was feeling dizzy all the time, so we helped her to get the meds at pharmacy which was on the other buildings of the hospital. 

Our warden, the most sporting ever warden you will ever meet was buying burgers for us and she was having some problem to stand up for a long time, we took her shift waiting for the burgers lol it was not a usual burger because the name was Burger Pita*they used roti pita as the burger bread, thats why they called it liddat*

The burger boy got our order done and I paid to him. He was giving me the change and at that time He did not wear any gloves so I just pointed to him asking him to put the change there. He got my silence answer and...

‘Oh ada air semayang eh?’ 
There you go, a GOOD question.

I was speechless not because of the taste of the burger or the way he had asked me but I was speechless because of that question he asked me. Duhhh. Ada air semayang? Do you ever expect me for pointing you to put the change down there just because I had my wudhu’? 

I can conclude that he maybe forgot I am a girl or he was having a hallucination till he saw me as a man.

If I did not have wudhu’ that time what would happen? Was he giving me a 50% discounts or a free burger? Nonetheless, he would just make me to commit sin because if I took the money from him ON his hand, I would probably touch his hand unless I was the one who wore the gloves.

My question here is why it seems so easy and why people take this thing lightly? I think all muslims must take Islamic Studies for SPM and PMR right? And I think he did because he looked like early 20’s.

He is a muslim and all muslims are taught that woman and man that is ajnabi cannot have skin contact, it is haram to touch your hand, to touch my hand, dudeeeee. Skin contact is one of the factors of zina and I ain’t feeling to do so. 

He is older than me and he should be aware about it. Sigh.

And what is the level of aurat they are actually thinking? Aurat is dignity.