October 22, 2011


Hi and peace be upon to all :)

sekarang saya sedang ber'instant messaging' dengan anak sepupu saya, Hasraff *BIG SMILE*

okay guys, just kidding. hows everyone? I guess everyone is watching any channel on TV or maybe if T-Team supporters and Negeri Sembilan Supporters are at stadium rite? even I am not into this match, but still can hear the host is blabbing (tak semangat sebab Red Warriors dah kalah ='[ ) but nevermind,  as long as you guys enjoy and dont forget bout solahh :)

I like like like like like like likeee *Big smile* like what? hang suka apa?
a lot of likes rite? so, Im taking football and some other things to cheer up this post :) okay?

Camera, Photography :)

Im in this thing also ;D well I guess this field of hobby, occupation, interest had been so famous rite? dah ramai sangat yang mahir dalam bidang ni. some yeah they need to learn how to take good pics rite? but what I like is people with natural-born photographic view. these people who can take pictures. no I mean super duper unique pictures! they got their own ideas in taking pictures, and mostly they got their own identity in their pictures. its not the credits they got on the pics but the way they took the pic. ada photographer yang suka ambil gambar stail classic. ada yang suka black and white sampai habis semua gambar di edit jadi black and white.
ada yang photographer untuk wedding portrait terlebih romantik. pengantin takde lah semangat macam si photographer, tapi photographer yang lebih lebih duk suruh peluk sini peluk sana action ni action tuh. but have you ever notice, this kind of photographer yang snap something we never expect it to be :) trust me, I'll show you some

and yeah, being a photographer isnt only wedding photographer. field ni luasssssssssss sangat! try imagine this, korang dah memang pemalu sangat sangat nak jadi photographer wedding ._________________. seriously tak payah. kang rosak majlis orang, naya. if you guys are talented, skill mantap dah. jadi photographer yang snap apa apa benda je. ada ja yang sampai buka gallery sendiri lagi. your own pictures have its own value (: even tak nak buka gallery, theres people who send their pictures to any magazine or if you dont mind join any contest. Nikon/Cannon punya contest belambak je aku tengok :P

I always hear this ;
'High Quality cameras are expensive'
'The lens' price already make me chocked'
'DSLR, mine is old. craving for the newest'

dude, photography needs a lot of money okay. I think it could be thousands of dollar just to buy everything you need. even kerja lain pun still guna banyak duit, asam garam hidup bekerja kan? at least duit still masukk :D
for sure laa camera companies will introduce a lot of camera, more funtions, HD, high resolution, and ISO and some other laa. they wanna keep their company stable. you guys dont need to change your camera everytime a new camera is out. it doesnt change anything if you still dont have the skill but always change camera =.= membazir cik kak!

well too much. kang tak pasal pasal kena kejar dengan orang :P as usual no hard feelings, no sentapp sentapp just smile and enjoyy. and here, I wanna recommend this great photographer :) credits to him :)

Hafizudin Hamdan :)

actually theres some more but I cudnt find their link =.=' sorry

and this is some from my collection, newest :D

for your information, I am really really lazy to launch photoscape and photoshop =.=' so just one edited pics okay :)

anything, feedbacks, just feel free to do so :D
hehehehehhehehehee bye bye, xoxo

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